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Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW) ACWW is the largest international organisation for rural women and is active in over 70 countries. Working in partnership with its members worldwide, ACWW offers mutual support, friendship and practical help, raising the standard of living of rural women and families through education, training and community development projects and supporting educational opportunities for women and girls and the elimination of gender based discrimination. How it began Late 19th century: rural women's groups were set up independently. Communication between these groups gradually enabled more country women to come together in friendship and work towards similar goals. London, 1929: international conference of rural women held under aegis of the International Council of Women. Vienna , 1930: conference decision by the International Council Of Women to form a 'Liaison Committee' of rural women/s organisations Stockholm, 1933: the committee became the Associated Country Women of the World. July 2016 News ACWW has just produced a new cookbook containing 87 recipes to celebrate its 87 year old existence.Copies of “The Countrywoman’s Kitchen “cost £10 plus p&p and can be obtained by emailing  info@acww.org.uk   or phoning 02077993875 Each year, the organisation sets a goal for raising Pennies for FriendshipThe target is for 2016  is £200,000 As at the end of April, £99,000 had been raised. Do keep your Pennies coming in: if anyone would like an ACWW Pennies for Friendship box for their Institute please let me know. Although the project to which we contribute has now ended( please note: we still need to raise the remaining £2,000 of our pledge), there are plenty of projects continuing around the world. In Kwazulu Natal,Project 980 is drilling a borehole for a community Uplift Project Garden, helping the community to reach deep water to sustain vital vegetable gardens. In Kenya, Project 975 is training 50 women with hearing or speech impediments in awareness of HIV/AIDS,as well as training Community Health Workers in sign language. The work goes on worldwide, and we are an important part of it.If anyone would like more information about ACWW, please get in touch: I have leaflets available for meetings.
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