Darts Competion
North Yorkshire East Federation
North Yorkshire East Federation of Women’s Institutes
Rules 1. Each team will consist of four players and must provide a scorer,(this can be a player). The caller will be provided by the home team if possible, otherwise should be a mutually agreed member. The member of a team can vary between matches, but no substitution can be made during a match. A WI may field more than one team but individual members may not appear for more than one team throughout the competition. 2. The match will be organised on a trebles board and will consist of four games,( each best of three legs of 301) organised as follows:- 1st and 2nd players from each team 3rd and 4th players from each team 1st and 3rd players from each team 2nd and 4th players from each team 3. Each leg will commence straight off, finishing on a double. The bull (25 and 50) counts at all times, the 50 as a double for finishing. One player from each team will throw for 50, home player first, nearest to 50 wins the right to choose order of play for the first leg. If the dart falls out the player throws again ( this only applies when throwing to start, not during a match). 4. When a possible finishing stage is reached, eg team needs 32, player throws 16, 8,13, only the 16 and 8 will count. 5. The league programme must be completed by Friday 13th February 2015. 6. Scoring One match point is awarded to the winning pair for each game played, thus four match points will be shared between the two teams. Two league points are awarded to the winning team, having scored 3 or 4 match points. If each team scores 2 match points - there is a draw - both teams will get one league point each. 7. If more than one team in a league has the same number of league points, the match points will be taken into account. If a tie for first place results, a play- off will be necessary. 8. Cancellation of Matches: - should any team cancel an arranged match within 24 hrs of play, the unoffending team have the right to claim the 2 league points for the match through default. Prior to 24hrs, the match can be re-arranged for another time. The distances shown below are those which will be used in the finals. We realise that all pubs vary and you may have to adjust to suit the premises.                         |                         |            5’8”       |.......... Middle of Board                         |                         |_________ 6’6”________________Oche
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